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A Home Away From Home

Time to find a Home

Time to find a Home

It’s 2013 – this is the year I plan to move to France. I’m so excited! As I am making my plans, finalizing budgets, and getting organized, I started looking at apartments to rent.  What fun!!

At first I searched the Internet for short-term private apartment rentals. I was pleased to find many options to choose from, and was glad that they also had reviews from travelers who have previously rented the apartments, with comments on their experience with the process, the apartment and the neighborhood.  The only drawback I found was the rental fees make it a little pricy for just one person, unless I just rent a studio, which I’m certainly open to.

Last night I was watching a Rick Steve’s travel program, and he mentioned renting a room in a home as an option for accommodations.  I hadn’t even thought of that.

So today I started searching the internet and found


The basic membership is free, and you can set your search criteria for a specific neighborhood, duration of stay, type of room-mate (age, male/female, student/professional, smoking/non-smoking, etc.), and type of accommodations you require. So far I found quite a few potential rentals to choose from.

Now I can’t wait to finalize my actual travel dates so I can confirm where I might be living!

Have you had any experiences with renting a private apartment in Paris (or other European cities) for an extended stay (3-6 months) or have you rented a room or otherwise shared accommodations with a private party?  If so, I’d love to hear your feedback as I continue my planning for my  exciting sabbatical.


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Ten Songs: Keeping Paris on my Mind

I am just thinking about Paris, wishing I was there right now. Usually when I’m in one of these moods I listen to a French playlist I created on iTunes. This time I decided that I’d listen to some English language songs that are about Paris.  Many of these videos have great photos to go along with the music. Enjoy!

1. “A Rainy Night In Paris” by Chris De Burgh

2. “By The Seine” by The Crookes

3. “Down In The Seine” by Style Council

4. “When Paris Was A Woman” by Melissa Manchester

5. “Bonjour, Paris” by Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire, Kay Thompson

6. “From Baltimore To Paris” by Go West

7. Paris Je T´Aime – I Love Paris by Cole Porter & Ella Fitzgerald

8. “The Metro” by Berlin

9. “Parisian Cafe Blue” by Scrounger

10. “Summer In Paris” by DJ Cam

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