My France Dream List

Now that I’m in France there are a few things I want to do – many are related to the novel I am writing, so the list may seem a little strange to you, but it’s just right for me.

1. Have breakfast or lunch at Closerie des Lilas, then spend a morning or afternoon writing and people watching. (Done!)

2. Dine at Le Procope, the oldest CAFE in Paris — est. 1686.

3. Have drinks at La Petite Chaise, the oldest “restaurant” that is still in the same building, founded in 1680.

4. Lunch at La Tour d’Argent, which is in fact older than La Petite Chaise, as it was founded in 1582, however, it is not in the original building.

5. Have a picnic dinner on the Champs de Mars, under the stars and in the glow of the Eiffel Tower.

6. Spend a Sunday writing, dining, drinking and dancing in the open air along the river at La Guinguette de L’Île du Martin-Pêcheur.

7. Purchase some farm fresh delights at an open air market, spread out a blanket and have a picnic in a park. Then spend rest of the afternoon writing outdoors.

8. Visit Moret-sur-Loing then take a 3-hour cruise along the Seine beside the Forest of Fountainebleau.

9. Attend a play, opera or other theatrical production in French.

10. Visit an artist studio on the top floor of an eighteenth or nineteenth century building.

11. Attend a cabaret at Le Lapin Agile.

12. Go horseback riding in the countryside.

13. Sketch or paint a picture. (Both done!)

14. Write a short story.

15. Play a game of Petanque with some locals.

16. Sing a French song at a Karaoke Bar in France.

17. Have my hair cut and styled at French/Paris Salon — giving the stylists the choice for my new style!

18. Go sailing at sunset along the French Riviera. (Done)

19. Visit Mont Saint Michel in Normandy.

20. Drink Champagne in Champagne and tour a Champagne making Estate and vineyard.

21. Swim in the Mediterranean Sea.

22. Take a ride in a hot air balloon.

23. Visit the Lavender fields in Provence. (DONE!)

24. Take the Ferry boat between Calais, France and Dover, England.

25. Wine Tasting at a local winery.

26. Finish my novel.


4 responses to “My France Dream List

  1. Number 20……….. try Veuve Clicquot in the Champagne capitol Riems…. My fav blend champagne and a great cave tour. Good history about Women in wine making.

  2. Hey, if you need reading material, Peter Mayle is worth a go. His memoir book, A Year in Provence is great, and I’ve just finished his novel, A good year (again) which is well worth a read while you’re in the same area as he’s writing about. (Aix!)

    • Thanks Fiona! I’ve read “A Year in Provence” and I have it with me, I think I will read it again while in this area – it’s such a great book. I will look for “A Good Year” – I have not read that one yet.

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