I’m certainly no Van Gogh

Number #13 on my France Dream List is to paint or draw a picture, so I bought myself some colored pencils and a pad of paper and I sat down to draw something. I may not be a great artist, but I am freeing my inner child!

Girl in Paris with Bike

Girl in Paris with Bike

I didn’t come up with this Girl in Paris on my own, I found a picture I liked on-line and used it as a reference, doing my best to make my drawing look similar to the original.  It was “close” but the original is much better:

Original Painting by Fifi Flowers

Original Painting by Fifi Flowers

This original is a Watercolor Painting by Fifi Flowers – if you’d like to check out her other work, click here.

I tried another one, this one is completely off the top of my head … no reference piece. Can you tell??

Lavender and Sunflowers

Lavender and Sunflowers

Next I bought myself some oil paints and after watching three or four hours of YouTube videos on Oiling Painting for Beginners, I set up my work station and gave it a go!

My new paint set

My new paint set

Mixing colors

Mixing colors for my sky

Here we  go!

Here we go – there’s the sky !

Add some mountains in the background

Added some mountains in the background

And now for the final picture and my first oil painting ever. Drum roll please… I call it “Rolling Hills of Wheat”.

Rolling hills of wheat

“Rolling hills of Wheat” by Deborah Grinnell

I know it’s not great, but hey, I did it! I’ll sign it once I get a small enough brush to write with and it will be officially finished.



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10 responses to “I’m certainly no Van Gogh

  1. Catherine

    Excellent. You are on your way to finish your wishing list. However I cannot see the Ste Victoire in your mountains. Congrats all the same

  2. Jeff J

    Even Van Gough had his first oil painting. I’ll bet yours is every bit as good.The thing that attracts me about art is not the painting itself, but what was in the mind of the artist that led to the painting. It can speak volumes. Keep it up!

  3. Aww, I love it! So cute. I love oil paintings. you are crossing more of your bucket list than I am. Stop making me jealous!

  4. Evelyn O'Connell

    So. Happy for you…I hope my children follows their dream as you have. Keep up the painting and updates. I still tell friends of your essay about your dad and how it is hard to measure up to him when you marry his daughter.
    Love, Aunt Evie

  5. Deb, that is beautiful!! Great job!! I think this is my favorite blog post so far. 🙂

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