Simple Morning Pleasure: Opening the Shutters

Something I find very visually pleasing here in France is all the window shutters. You may have noticed from my photographs, they are everywhere!

Home with blue shutters

Home with blue shutters

But the shutters are not just for esthetics – there is so much wind here in Provence that sometimes the shutters are needed to protect the home.

One simple thing that I love doing here that I do not do at home in the U.S., it’s opening the shutters to the house each morning and seeing that first burst of sunshine.

1 door

2 door

3 door

4 door

5 door

I’m also greeted by the cat (aptly named: mon chat or “my cat”) meowing and purring and looking for his breakfast.


“mon chat”

I feed him, make my coffee, and then I take my breakfast out on the patio.

Misc. house provence 005

petit déjeuner


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