Travel Lesson: Electrical Current Converter


Travel lesson 1 : use correct power converter

Guess what? There is a difference between an electrical power current converter and an adapter. I have both, but I didn’t really understand the difference. UNTIL NOW.

Needing to charge my phone and my laptop, I used my power converter with two inputs to plug-in with.

But since I also needed to straighten my hair, I decided to use the power adapter to plug the straightener in with. BIG MISTAKE!

If you have an appliance or phone charger that says:

Input:110-240V 50/60Hz 1.0A Output:5V==1A

then it’s okay to use a power voltage adapter like this one:


This adaptor plug modifies electrical outlet, but DOES NOT change the voltage.

Therefore, if you have a hair straightener or other appliance that states “Use on Alternating Current (60 hertz) only. This unit is designed to be operated at 120 volts AC.” Then DO NOT use an adapter, but be sure to use a voltage converter like this one:

converter good 1.jpgconverter good 2.jpg

This model converts 220/240V foreign electricity to 100/120V for use with most U.S. appliances rated 0–1875 watts.

I pretty much just use this one exclusively now. I don’t want to take any chances!


All smiles!

Travel Lesson of the Day:

Be sure to plug your flat-iron into a power voltage converter – not an adapter.

No worries – I still have hair… and no bald spot – thank goodness.


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