Strasbourg: Capital of Alsace

Bicycle in the Garden – photo by D. GRINNELL

As the European capital and France’s seventh-largest city, located at a crossroads between the Latin and Germanic cultures, Strasbourg has a unique architectural heritage. Built alongside the river Rhine, boasting a 2000-year history and a town centre listed as Unesco World Heritage, this attractive town skillfully combines tradition with modernity and can be explored on foot, by riverboat, by tram… and even by bicycle. Strasbourg and its surroundings have a 500 km network of cycle trails: the largest in all of France!

Cyclists can discover the town and its surrounding area in original and highly unusual manner as they travel along the canals, through the parks and gardens, and through the town’s historical pedestrianized center. *

Alsatian specialties

Alsatian Specialties – photo by Y. NOTO-CAMPANELLA

The capital of Alsace is rightly famous for its delicious cuisine, wine and beer.


La Petite France – photo by B. NAEGELEN

This is the part of the town that immediately springs to mind when people think of Strasbourg. Formerly the fishermen’s, millers’ and tanners’ district, La Petite France is today a peaceful tourist district in the heart of Strasbourg. The narrow streets offer a wealth of half-timbered houses dating from the 16th and 17th centuries, huge interior courtyards, and large sloping roofs opening out onto lofts where animal hides were once dried.

The following photos were taken by me in mid-October, so it was pretty cold; even so, many people were out and about, enjoying all this city has to offer.

1Strasbourg bike

Postcard perfect – photo by D. GRINNELL

This picture perfect café called Au Fond de Jardin was quite inviting.

1Strasbourg dog

Sweet puppy – Photo by D. GRINNELL

This adorable puppy patiently awaited as his owner stepped into the wine shop. Keeping so still, he appeared as a fixture. Anticipating viewers would not believe he was real, I snapped a couple of pictures when he moved his head. I love the fact that this quintessential French man sauntered into the frame with his bike at just the right time.

Paris.Mulhouse.Strasbourg 279

Puppy and Frenchman with Bike – photo by D. GRINNELL

1Strasbourg carousel

Carousel – photo by D. GRINNELL

I love that many French cities have a beautiful Carousel in the town square. Strasbourg was no different. I’m sure in the warmer months it’s full of giggling children with huge smiles on their faces.

1Strasbourg band

Trio – photo by D. GRINNELL

This sweet trio filled the cold air with the lovely sounds of old French songs.

1Strasbourg spout

Gothic storm drain spout – photo by D. GRINNELL

And you’ve just got to love this… in France even the storm drain spouts are artistic.

I am looking forward to visiting this lovely city again, this time in the warmer time of year, and perhaps venturing off on a cycling tour. Stay tuned…

NOTE: Content and some photos (those not by D. Grinnell) were provided by the Strasbourg’s Office of Tourism (complete contact information below) in their Press file. For more information on city or the surrounding areas of Alsace, please check out their website.

17 place de la Cathédrale – B.P. 70020 – 67082 STRASBOURG
Tel. +33 (0)3 88 52 28 28 – Fax: +33 (0)3 88 52 28 29
E-mail: – Internet:

*For more information on cycling:

Esprit Cycles

Tel. + 33   (0)3 88 36 18 41


Tel. + 33 (0)3 88 23 56 75 or + 33   (0)3 88 35 44 65



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