Decisions ~ Decisions

sleep2I’ve lost so much sleep recently mulling over everything I need to do in order to make this life goal of living in France come to fruition.

When to leave? Where to live? How long to stay? What to do about my job: take a leave of absence or just resign? What about my kitty cat, who will take care of her while I’m away? And then there’s my apartment – do I sublet it or just put my stuff in storage and move out completely.

Toss. Turn. 

Sip a cup of Sleepy-time tea.

Write a pro/con list.

Toss. Turn. Watch late night TV.

Discuss it with my family.

Toss. Turn. Practice my French.

Talk to my friends.

Toss. Turn. Repeat.

Fast forward a few weeks. I’m happy to say that I’ve made a few decisions. Take a deep breath, cause here we go!

Decision one: Live abroad for four-six months. 
After a lot of consideration, taking a ten-week sabbatical didn’t seem long enough to really accomplish all I want to do while living in France and traveling abroad. I want to feel like I actually live there, so four to six months seemed more appropriate.

Decision two: Quit my Job.
I was prepared to resign from my job and help my employer find my replacement in order not to cause my co-workers too much additional work due to my absence. However, when speaking with my boss about what I wanted to do (live in France for 4-6 months), he offered me the extended leave of absence, and we came up with a plan to have my duties covered.  What a nice surprise!

Decision three: Move out of my apartment.
Taking a leave of absence means that I will not have an income for the a few months; I’ll be living on my savings and any writing jobs I can pick up along the way. Therefore, it made sense get rid of as many bills as possible. So I’m giving up my apartment – the apartment I love, the apartment I moved into in order to get used to living in a small place (like I’d be living in while in France). I guess it worked, because now I’ll pretty much be living out of a suitcase.  Nevertheless, I know it will be worth it, and I will find another great apartment when I come back home.

Decision four: Leave for France in August, return home in December.
Wow – that’s just over a month away! I have so much to do. I better make a list…



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2 responses to “Decisions ~ Decisions

  1. Glad you made some decisions.Look forward at all the good things going to happen!

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