All Aboard: Amtrak’s California Zephyr

I’m so excited! I just booked my tickets to travel from California to Denver on the California Zephyr Amtrak line in early July. I’ve flown across the country several times, but the vantage point of being down on “ground level” should be an incredible way to see the US countryside.

As I mentioned in my “Fake it ’till you Make it” blog post, this is one of the experiences I want to have in the United States before moving to France.

I always take trains when I’m traveling in Europe, but I’ve only ever taken the US rail system up and down the State of California, or on a short journey in Illinois — but no more than a four or five-hour trip on any occasion. This trek will take 30.5 hours and I’ll be taking photos and documenting my journey along the way.

Even though I’ll only be going as far as Denver on this excursion, I plan to take the train from California to New York city later this year, perhaps in the late fall or early winter.


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