Claude Monet’s Home and Garden at Giverny

Claude Monet's Home & Studio

One of my favorite places to visit in France is Maison et Jardins de Claude Monet (Claude Monet’s Home and Gardens) at Giverny. 

Claude Monet's Home at Giverny

 As I walk through the old home, I imagine Claude Monet in his daily life, doing what he loved: gardening and painting. 

Inside Monet's Studio

Inside the Studio

Looking back towards the house through the garden

I had seen one of the famous Water Lilies paintings many years ago and was amazed at its beauty; but once I visited the water garden for myself – I was in awe.

Monet's famous Lily Pond & Water Garden

It’s so peaceful and beautiful. You can certainly see Monet’s inspiration, and why he painted this scene so many times – at various times of day and in different seasons. These pictures were taken in mid-October with the vivid fall colors showing beautifully.

The inspiration for Monet's "Water Lilies"

Boats on the lily pond

I find this place so incredible that even with the throngs of people visiting, I could stay here all day and write stories inspired by Monet and his artist friends who visited here before me.

Taking some time out to write


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One response to “Claude Monet’s Home and Garden at Giverny

  1. Seriously?! So gosh darn beautiful. No wonder he was so inspired there. And by the looks of that picture, you were very inspired as well.

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