Pennies for Paris

Pennies for Paris

The other afternoon I went through all my finances and made a plan that would make it possible for me to move to France in mid-2013 — barring any major set backs. It’s really cool to see it on paper, and to know that my dream really can become a reality in just over a year. I must say I am so excited! And I’m more determined than ever to make this happen!

Part of the plan calls for reduced spending and a little more saving. Nothing too painful. So yesterday afternoon I took the container I usually throw my loose change into and made a little “France Fund” piggy bank.

The France Fund

At the end of each day, I’ll put any cash and coins I have left in my wallet into this little bank. Then at the end of each month, I’ll put the money into my savings account and see how much it adds up to over the next year. I figure this would be an easy way to save a little Paris pocket-money.

I decided to take the change that was already in the jar and turn it in for cash. Then I remembered I had some other change in an old box under my bed; so I took it all to the Coinstar machine at a nearby market.


I’d never done this before, but it was pretty easy.  The machine walks you through the steps. (FYI – Coinstar takes 9.8% of your total as a processing fee.)


I began putting the coins into the machine and the screen above accounted for each coin. 

Coinstar Accounting

Anything that doesn’t register as US currency is sent into the change return below… I found a couple Canadian coins and EUROs I forgot I had.

Once all the change has gone through the machine, you can request a voucher (which you take to the register and exchange for cash) or to have the amount placed on a debit card. I went for the cold hard cash!

Coinstar Cash Voucher


And the France Fund was born!

If you are interested in changing in your spare change for cash, you can check the coinstar website for a machine near you.


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