Kitty goes to Paris

My Parisian Kitten

As you may recall from a previous post, I was worried about my kitten named Caillat while I was away in France on a two-week holiday.  Well, during the last week of my stay, I found my kitten’s twin at Galeries Lafayette, in Paris. I couldn’t resist, so I adopted her straight away. Her name is Chat Myranda.

It was just like having Caillat with me. My friend Catherine and I toted Chat Myranda all around Paris and took photographs everywhere we went. Not only were we constantly in stitches, but she seemed to bring a smile to the faces of all who came across her path.

Here are some fun shots taken by Catherine and I around Paris…

Our first photo!

Peeking out of Catherine's Bag

Getting a little hungry!

Playing in the Dressing Room

Chat on the Moon

Chat at les Invalides

Climbing Eiffel Tower!

Tipsy Kitty



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5 responses to “Kitty goes to Paris

  1. This is the most hilarious thing ever!

  2. Fauvel

    Such good memories, please say Hi to Chat Myranda, I love the name

  3. Oh I love love love it! I have tears rolling down my face as we speak. Hilarious! Love the name too, Chat Myranda, so chic and elegant, mademoiselle!

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