Caillat – My Little French Kitten

French Kitty

I leave for my vacation to France in less than 2 weeks – 12 days to be exact.  As I’m wrapping up everything for my 13 day excursion, one huge detail I was having some issue with was finding someone to look after my kitty cat, Caillat.

I’ve only been a pet owner for  few months, and when I booked my flights for my little get-away, I didn’t even think about what I would do with my 6 month old kitten.  She’s still in that baby stage where she really needs someone around at some point each day.

To top it off, lately I’ve been dreaming about my trip, and lo and behold, Caillat keeps showing up in my Paris dreams. I’m walking along the quai and all of a sudden I look over and she’s walking beside me – all prissy, like you’d imagine a little French Kitty. Or she arrive’s in the baggage claim area of Charles De Gaulle as I’m picking up my luggage. Obviously this issue has been on my mind!

Originally, my plan was to leave her with my friend Wendy – who also has a kitten. But then I started worrying that she wouldn’t do well at someone else’s house – that maybe she wouldn’t get along with the other kitty or that she’d be scared. I didn’t want her to feel insecure or get freaked out.

One evening I was talking about my trip and the pet care issue with a couple of girl friends. My friend Beth heard the concern I had about my kitten and volunteered to come stay at my home and watch Caillat while I’m away.  Thank you Beth!  This really gives me peace of mind.

Caillat Cat

I feel much better knowing that she will have someone around; someone to play with and keep her company. She’ll be in her own environment and hopefully this will make her feel safe and secure even though I won’t be there.

I plan to buy her some new kitten toys and special treats to help in the transition. But I’m very confident that she will be just fine in Beth’s capable care.


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