Using my iPhone abroad…

Phone Home

Keeping in touch with the folks back home, and having access to a mobile phone while I’m traveling is important to me. So in preparation for my trip to France, I called AT&T to find out the international calling, texting and internet options for the iPhone.

Luckily enough, I was connected with a lovely woman who was just about the friendliest AT&T customer service representative that I have ever spoken with. Not only did she have all the answers, she set me up so that I would be able to use my own phone while I’m in France.

The AT&T World Traveler calling plan isn’t super-fantastic, but will help save me roaming charges and allow me to text, make calls and use the internet or check email from my iPhone.  The calling plan is only $5.95, but is pro-rated for just the time I am there, so it’ll only end up costing about $3.00. The text message plan is $10 per month and allows 50 text messages for that amount (that’s .20 per message) – after the first 50, texting go up to $ .40 per message ; receiving text messages won’t cost me anything. The data plan I chose is $25 for 20 MG. So the total cost for myData Global Plan will be about $40, plus calls at $.99 per min (usually $1.39).

I will let you know how this plan works for me, and the overall cost once I’m back from my travels. Hopefully there will not be any surprises!

If you have used AT&T World Traveler and have any tips for me, I’d greatly appreciate it.


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