Giving it all up for Love and Passion

Theatrical Poster

Leaving (French: Partir) is a 2009 French film directed by Catherine Corsini.

Kristin Scott Thomas give a brilliant performance in this fiercely emotional film, where she plays Suzanne, an English-born woman married to prosperous and socially well-connected doctor, Samuel (Yvan Attal), living in the south of France. With her children now teenagers, she decides to go back to work as a physiotherapist. Her husband reluctantly agrees to fix up their storage room to use as her office. When Suzanne and the man hired to do the building meet, the mutual attraction is sudden and powerful. After a time of sneaking around, Suzanne decides to give up everything to live with her lover in an all-encompassing, intensely passionate affair.

The affair triggers an explosion of hate from her obnoxious husband, who will do anything to get her to come back home. Scott Thomas gives an arrestingly transparent performance, with a very powerful take-it-or-leave-it presence in the movie.

Kristin Scott Thomas
Sergi López
Yvan Attal
Bernard Blancan
Anne Marlange
Alexandre Vidal
Daisy Broom


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