French Lessons: French Wordsearch Puzzles

French Wordsearch Puzzle

Reinforce your French vocabulary with these wordsearches on various topics of French vocabulary that I found on this French Linguistics website:

As with the crossword puzzles, the games are divided into the categories below to choose your desired wordsearch theme.

  • Basic adjectives
  • Colour adjectives
  • Computers and the Internet
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Jobs and Professions
  • People
  • Shopping
  • Time, Days, Months and Seasons
  • Around Town
  • Transport

Note that these wordsearches are for playing on-line. (If you require wordsearches in PDF format for printing, then a pack of 350 French wordsearches is also available. Permission is also granted to print and photocopy these wordsearches as many times as you require for educational use.)

jouir de! (Enjoy!)


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