French Lessons: R

raison d’être
“reason for being”: justification or purpose of existence

reporting; journalism; report; coverage, covering; article

nk, reservoir, cistern

resentment, indignation, displeasure, a deep-seated sense of aggrievement and powerlessness

revenons à nos moutons  
Lit. “Let us return to our sheep” let’s get back to the subject at hand

rien à voir  
Nothing to see, nothing to do with

A quick retort in speech or action, or in fencing, a quick thrust after parrying a lunge; answer, answer back, riposte; counterattack, hit back, retort; clench, return

Rive Gauche
the left (southern) bank (of the River Seine in Paris). A particular mindset attributed to inhabitants of that area, which includes the Sorbonne

roi fainéant
“do-nothing king”: an expression first used about the kings of France from 670 to 752 (Thierry III to Childeric III), who were puppets of their ministers. The term was later used about other royalty who had been made powerless, also in other countries, but lost its meaning when parliamentarism made all royals powerless.


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