French Lessons: P (part 2)

English - French Dictionary

a dialect; jargon

lit. father, used after a man’s surname to distinguish a father from a son, as in “George Bush père.”

petite bourgeoisie
often anglicised as “petty bourgeoisie,” the lower middle class.

la petite mort
an expression for orgasm; literally “the little death”

perhaps, possibly, maybe

“foot-on-the-ground” or “foothold”; a place to stay, generally applied to the city house as opposed to the country estate of the wealthy

literally “pinch nose,” a type of spectacles without temple arms.

“worse”; an undesirable option selected because the other choices were even worse

referring to skiing at a ski area (on piste) versus skiing in the back country (off piste).

plat du jour
a dish served in a restaurant on a particular day but separate from the regular menu; literally “dish of the day.”

plongeur (fem. plongeuse)
a male (or female) dishwasher

plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose (or plus ça change, plus c’est pareil) (often abbreviated to just “plus ça change”)
the more things change, the more they stay the same

plus royaliste que le roi
“more royalist than the king,” i.e., more enthusiastic than the cause deserves


pomme de terre
potato, literally “apple of the earth”


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