French Lessons: P (part 1)

English - French Dictionary

pain au chocolat
lit. chocolate bread. Unlike what its name may suggest, it’s not made of bread but puff pastry with chocolate inside. The term “chocolatine” is used in some Francophone areas, but not in English. Chocolate Croissant.

pain aux raisins
raisin bread.

verve; flamboyance

lit. chewed paper; a craft medium using paper and paste

par avion
by air mail. The meaning is broader in French, it means by plane in general.

par exemple
for example, such as; oh my, well really!

par excellence
“by excellence”: quintessential

parc fermé
lit. closed park. A secure area at a Grand Prix circuit where the cars may be stored overnight.

urban street sport involving climbing and leaping, using buildings, walls, curbs to ricochet off much as if one were on a skateboard, often in follow-the-leader style. It’s actually the phonetic form of the French word “parcours,” which means “route.” Also known as, or the predecessor to, “free running”, developed by Sébastien Foucan.

pas de deux
a close relationship between two people; in ballet, a duet.

pas de problème
no problem

pas de trois
a dance for three, usually in ballet.

a document or key that allows the holder to travel without hindrance from the authorities or enter any location.

a derivative work; an imitation


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