French Lessons: N

English - French Dictionary


né, née
“born”: a man’s/woman’s birth name (maiden name for a woman)

n’est-ce pas?
“isn’t it [true]?”; asked rhetorically after a statement, as in “Right?”

n’importe quoi  

noblesse oblige
“nobility obliges”; those granted a higher station in life have a duty to extend (possibly token) favors/courtesies to those in lower stations

nom de plume
author’s pseudonym, literally “pen name.” Originally an English phrase, now also used in France

nouveau (pl. nouveaux; fem. nouvelle; fem. pl. nouvelles)

nouveau riche
newly rich, used in English to refer particularly to those living a garish lifestyle with their newfound wealth

nouvelle cuisine
new cuisine

nouvelle vague
Literally meaning “new wave.” Used for stating a new way or a new trend of something


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