French Lessons: J

English - French Dictionary

“I accuse”; charge, take to task, indict, impeach; arraign, delate, denounce; blame, accuse

j’adore & je t’adore
literally, I adore [you]. I love [you] to the full extent


“I adjust”, warning by a chess player when only adjusting a chess piece and not moving it (called out to ensure that this will not be taken into account as an official move)

“I arrive”; come; check in, reach, show up; happen, occur; betide, get ahead, turn up

je m’appelle
my name is…

je m’en fous
literally: I am in mad; I don’t give a damn/a fuck

je ne regrette rien
I regret nothing

je ne sais pas
I don’t know

je ne sais quoi
I don’t know what; an indescribable or indefinable ‘something’ that distinguishes the object in question from others that are superficially similar.

je n’en reviens pas  
I can’t believe it

je n’y suis pour rien  
it’s got nothing to do with me

je t’aime
I love you. Implies “I like you” too. The French word “aimer” implies all the different kinds of love (love = like). To differentiate the two, one would say simply “je t’aime” to one’s love whereas one would say “je t’aime bien” (lit. I love you well) to a friend.

jeu d’esprit
“play of spirit”; a witty, often light-hearted, comment or composition

jeunesse dorée
“gilded youth”; today used for any offspring living an affluent lifestyle

joie de vivre
joy of life/living


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