French Lessons: H

English - French Dictionary

one who regularly frequents a place

haute couture
“high sewing” Paris-based custom-fitted clothing; trend-setting fashion

haute cuisine
upscale gastronomy; literally “high cooking.”

haute école
advanced horsemanship; literally “high school”

arrogance; lit. height

haut monde
fashionable society, the “high world”

homme du monde
cultured, sophisticated man, “man of the world”

Honi soit qui mal y pense
“Shamed be he who thinks ill of it”; or sometimes translated as Evil be to him who evil thinks; the motto of the English Order of the Garter (modern French writes honni instead of Old French honi)

hors concours
“out of the running”; a non-competitor, e.g. in love

hors de combat
out of the fight: prevented from fighting, usually by injury

hors d’œuvre
“outside the [main] work” appetizer

“closed-door” an enclosed space such as a room or cell, where action or speech can not be seen or heard from outside; title of a play by Jean-Paul Sartre


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