French Lessons: B

English - French Dictionary

bon anniversaire !  
happy birthday!

bon appétit

literally “good appetite”; enjoy your meal

bon mot
well-chosen word(s), particularly a witty remark

bon vivant
one who enjoys the good life, an epicurean

bon voyage
literally “good journey”; have a good trip!

“good day,” a standard greeting in the morning or afternoon

bonne chance
“good luck” (as in, ‘I wish you good luck’)

bien dans sa peau  
content, comfortable, at ease with oneself

a sweet yeast bun, kind of a crossover between a popover and a light muffin; French also use the term as slang for ‘potbelly’, because of the overhang effect.

bureau (pl. bureaux)
office, also means “desk” in French.


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