French Lessons: A

As I’m preparing for my French Adventure, I’m brushing up on my French language skills. Perhaps you’d like to learn a few new French words and phrases along with me. If so, join me each day for French Lessons.


English - French Dictionary

à gogo
in abundance. In French this is colloquial.

à la […]
in the manner of/in the style of […]

à la carte
literally: on the menu; In restaurants it refers to ordering individual dishes rather than a fixed-price meal.

au revoir
goodbye, literally “Until re-seeing”

farewell; literally means “to God,” it carries more weight than “au revoir” (“goodbye,” literally “Until re-seeing”). It is definitive, implying you will never see the other person again. Depending on the context, misuse of this term can be considered as an insult, as one may wish for the other person’s death or say that you do not wish to see the other person ever again while alive. It is used for “au revoir” in south of France and to denote a deprivation from someone or something.

“go!” or “come on!” as a command or as encouragement

“Here we go!” often used when trying something new.

preview; a first impression; initial insight.

a before-meal drink (in colloquial French, it is shortened as “apéro”). In French, it means either the drink or food (amuse-gueules) taken before a meal.

au contraire
on the contrary

au revoir!
“See you later!” In French a contraction of Au plaisir de vous revoir (to the pleasure of seeing you again).

à la limite 
at most, in a pinch

à la vôtre !

à mon avis  
in my opinion

à peine  

à tes souhaits  
bless you

ah bon (?)  
oh really? I see

au cas où  
just in case

au fait  
by the way

au lieu de  
instead of, rather than


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